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#tbt illustration I don’t think I’ve posted on this social website app before. Very poignant stuff. Very poignant

2014 MIX #8
Pictured: BnP performing in Christchurch. Do yourself a favor and download every one of their albums. H/t to Terminal-Boredom’s recent NZ feature for the discovery.
   1. Plasma Expander - Orta Vez (Zeno Remix by Mattia Coletti)   2. Cold Circuits - New Annex              3. Year of Birds - Lets Buy A Bridge              4. Mornings - El Raval Loop                  5. Yakks - Centimetres From Your Face             6. Power Masters - Idle Mind               7. Zulus - Mediacate                              8. Thrill Collins - Minister Smith                9. Dregs - Tactics                                    10. Norymberga - Szympans                               11. Beauty Pageant - Lashes                              12. Sweater - Jaywalker                             13. Darlingchemicalia - FHS                             14. Sex Noises - Visions Of Darkness                15. Expert Alterations - Three Signs                    16. Men Oh Pause - Concrete Woman                        17. Wimps - Distraction                                     18. Communions - Children                       19. Cold Beat - Falling Skyline                      20. Taulard - Pourquoi suis-je allé au Boom                                21. City Yelps - Vetinary Centre                      22. SUN BATHER - Waiting                                  23. Stickers - Outlet                                       24. Carsick Cars - Reaching The Light  (Chinese Version)               25. Honey Radar - Scorpions Bought Me Breakfast             26. BnP - The Devils (1971)                                27. Life Stinks - Potraits         
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Finished the Gourmate zine yesterday, left 5 at sticky for $2 each. 25 copies available, trades welcome.

TV in Coburg Lake


chaos will reign


Pedals are like nail polish for dudes.

Indeed, haha.

^ such a bullshit statement, I’m sure it isn’t deliberate and is just expressing a fondness for the pedal aesthetics but it really implies effected guitar music should be a boys club, a thing only dudes understand. There’s plenty of people who love getting good tone regardless of gender. Females already encounter plenty of barriers to getting involved in bands let alone a post on a blog that is really good at giving people advice about gear. I really don’t get the masculine culture that still seems to be inherit independent music scenes.
Trying not whinge just point out the assumption we should all re-think.