Boss Christ/ Lightning Tape Wolf/ Double Ya D was so rad. Small Town Mongrel!
Very excited for Stink Magnetic shows coming to Melbourne. Central North Island origin great times to be had. This pic is from Space Monster from the return of The Planet of The Tapes show a few years ago.

NZ Election result - my rant/ thoughts/assertions.

Saturday night I got home from a jam just in time to line up a stream of TV3.  I can’t recall ever feeling so hopeless as when the buffer came off and the first thing I heard was Paul Henry talking about how great the result was, as images of John Key getting in the car to give a valedictory speech were showing and as I then saw the 99% counted party vote. Te Tai Tokerau flashed up a few minutes later and I realised my vote for Mana had no effect on the make up of parliament.


[Pic of Gains playing in Palmerston North in the house I used to live in taken by Josh (Go Soda Boyz! at rockquest) seeing an image like this gives me far more hope than one of a victorious Labour/ Greens government ever will.]

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Go Comfort


Rip from Polvo/ New Radiant Storm King Split

no shame re-posting myself because fucking hell it is great that this song exists

sick clipping

Poster by Ezzy from Yakks