Transcendental Australiana


This is a working draft of a piece of writing I’ve been chipping away at for a few months. I’ve done a large chunk about Per Purpose, but it’s unedited.

Transcendental Australiana

It’s probably best to start at the end by trying to explain what it is I mean by Transcendental Australiana….


Listen: Sweater - Highway 2  Palmy post-rock three piece Sweater have released a second EP this week entitled Jaywalker.  Out now as a free download, the EP follows up their impressive debut effort released just over a year ago.  Check out driving first single and opening track Highway 2 below and head to their read more:
Finished my lay-by on this bass, super happy. I was always skeptical about branded guitars but having an actual fender not a copy is lovely. The neck is so nice. Its a 93 or 94 Japan. Thought I’d try taking a photo on the webcam and noticed this gif function.